Looking for a reliable and economical forklift suitable for a variety of different applications? So the Ameise® diesel forklift is the perfect equipment. Proven quality Kubota motors provide sufficient power for standard transport and stacking tasks. Also simple to use, intuitive and straightforward handling allows operators simple and intuitive operation. This rugged and durable forklift is the ideal solution for outdoor use.

  • 3000 kg lift capacity
  • 4350mm lift height
  • DZ triple mast with fully free lift
  • Robust Kubota engine Spacious driver cab with good visibility
  • High driving stability
  • Easy to use and low maintenance
  • Ameise® diesel trucks offer reliable quality at an attractive price.
  • Steel cabin with heater

Thanks to its proven performance in a wide range of applications around the world, the Ameise® diesel counterbalanced truck is a great choice for light to moderate use in often uneven environments. Its user-friendly design - which facilitates maintenance and service interventions - in combination with its high reliability make this equipment particularly appealing. Kubota engines, specifically designed for forklift trucks, coupled with high ground clearance, allow Ameise counterbalance to function in a variety of different environments.

The spacious design operator compartment with good visibility coupled with low noise levels ensures focused work and reduces the potential for accidents. All important control instruments are centrally arranged and within the operator's field of view. Entry options on both sides of the cab ensure comfort and also save time throughout the working day. This model consists of:

- Load capacity 3000 kg.
- DZ triple mast with totally free lift, lift up to 4350 mm.
- Length of the forks 1,200 mm.
- Engine KUBOTA KU11JHG.
- Sideshift.
- Additional hydraulic system ZH2.
- Panoramic rear mirror.
- Superelastic tires.
- Rear lights (according to road regulations).
- Work lights, front.
- Seat belt.
- Beep in reverse gear.
- Front, rear and roof windows
- Steel cabin with heater
- Suspension seat

For more detailed specifications, see also the technical details on this page.

Fork length
1200 mm
Fork height
40 mm
Overall width
1150 mm
Turning radius
2240 mm
Ameise® FTD 3.0
Battery capacity
2500 kg
Traction type
Load center of gravity
500 mm
Free lift
1150 mm
Collapsed Mast Height - Total Mast Height
2160 - 5734 mm
Total length
3650 mm
Travel speed with / without load
17/18 km / h
Lifting speed with / without load
0.5 / 0.58 m / s
Shortest turning point distance
735 mm
Sound level according to EN 12 053 (driver's ear)
84 dB (A)
Protective roof / cab height
2140 mm
Oil flow per accessory
50 l / min
Fork Back Length
2580 mm
Accessory Working Pressure
160 bar
Fork support ISO 2328, class / type A, B
Ground clearance, under load, under mast
110 mm
Height above ground
110 mm
Own weight of equipment
3800 kg
Width of work aisle
4115 mm
Useful fork width
1038 mm
Engine Manufacturer / Model
Kubota V2403
Parking brake
Lift mast
Free Rising Triple Telescopic Mast (DZ)
Lowering speed with / without load
0.45 / 0.45 m / s
Towing Hook Height
245 mm
Seat Height / Platform Height to Ground
1085 mm
Motor power according to ISO 1585
34.1 kW
Traction Command Type
2434 cm³
Max. ramp-pass with / without load
Operation mode
Number of Cylinders
Chassis RAL Color
RAL 5018 turquoise blue
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    Ameise® Diesel Forklift (3,000kg)

    • 3000kg Capacity
    • 4350mm Lift Height
    • Three stage mast
    • Kubota Engine
    • 1200mm Forks
    • Full cab with heater

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